Jesus & A Job was founded in 1997 by Rev. CHARLES ELLIOT JR., Pastor of King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. The program is a community-based organization that offers second chances for individuals who feel hopeless due to poor choices they’ve made. As a visionary, Rev. Elliot has researched various methods for implementing programs to help these men become providers for their families and productive citizens in the community.

REVEREND CHARLES ELLIOT, JR. is the pastor of King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He is known for his commitment toward humanitarian works. He has a deeper passion for elevating at-risk men who are unable to secure well paying jobs to cater for their families due to lack of proper re-integration into the society. He believes that they deserve a second chance to right their wrongs. His beliefs are usually supported with the biblical standpoint.

“Nevertheless let each one of you in particular so love his own wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband”. -Ephesians 5:33

Restoration of Muhammad Ali’s childhood home Place

  JAJ participated in this project as the front liner. The project witnessed a high success rate of rehabilitating 3 homes with a total budget of $250,000. Each job was completed within 60 days with the final completion period being the 4th quarter of 2015.

Expansion Statement

  We intend to start with revitalizing the West end area of Louisville then move on to larger domains by identifying the areas that require structural rehabilitation. The end goal is to build a nationwide construction agency to place veterans in affordable homes, restructure societies and create employment opportunities for ex-felons.

Based on the statistical antecedents of crime, environmental conditions, and general livability level of West Louisville, we can comprehend how valuable this project is for the citizens in the community.

Due to high crime rates, it is clear that lives are in danger, hence, through job creation, we will ensure the functionality of individuals who would have otherwise been social miscreants. We plan to de-stigmatize of ex-felons/convicts and integrating them into society by affording them the second chance they need in turning around their lives.

We would like to give a general social augmentation through the renovation of 100 houses and hiring of 400 employees which will enable us to achieve a great feat in our quest for a total revitalization of the region. Last, but not least, we would like to supply veteran housing assistance and resources.

The Future of Jesus & a Job Group

  • Job training and Apprenticeship
  • Youth development and education – offering after-school mentoring and tutoring programs
  • Training society members on financial literacy especially on how to maintain homeownership
  • Working closely with the entire city of Louisville and banks to obtain many of the rehabilitated
    homes as a domain and/or discounted tax assessed value.
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